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Our acupuncture services are dedicated to offering a holistic and natural healing approach based on ancient medicine to restore health balance after an injury or illness.     

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment approach based on ancient Chinese medicine acknowledging the ability of your body to return to its health to maintain balance. This treatment method is based on the principle of Qi, the universal life energy and its circulation throughout your body through the pathways referred to as meridians. When this Qi energy flows in your body smoothly, you will experience optimum health. But, when you have sustained an injury or illness, this flow of energy is disrupted, leading to complications like pain, inflammation, and discomfort. 

An Insight into Acupuncture 

The treatment of acupuncture is a healing therapy that aims at balancing the energy within your body to attain optimum health. Micro-fine needles are inserted in your body gently in a strategic pattern along the meridians with acupoints to treat several medical conditions and illnesses. Surprisingly, the effect of acupuncture is not similar to getting an injection shot, as you will not feel any pain, as we use only hair-fine needles. While acupuncture therapy can offer a distinct experience, each individual will feel a different sensation based on their body and skin type. As soon as the microneedles penetrate your body, you will experience a relaxing sensation and an overall sense of well-being that lingers for several hours even after the acupuncture session. 

Why Should You Opt for Our Acupuncture Service?

Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton specializes in providing acupuncture treatment as a part of our well-integrated wellness treatment programs. Our acupuncture specialists have the expertise and exceptional skills to offer acupuncture services in a relaxed and comfortable environment. You will feel a sense of calm and peace during our acupuncture sessions, even if it is your initial session. Book an acupuncture session today to feel the difference!

Based on the theory of acupuncture, pain and medical conditions occur when there is an imbalance in the meridians. Our acupuncture physiotherapy in Edmonton aids in restoring your health to a balanced state by kindling various meridian points called acupoints in your body to restore Qi flow naturally. At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we stimulate the acupoints in your body with the help of fine acupuncture needles in particular combinations, which are proven for their effectiveness. NIH or the National Institute of Health has recognized acupuncture as an efficient alternate treatment that can be beneficial when used as a part of a customized health management program. Acupuncture has garnered a lot of attention in recent years and people have started to experience its effect on their ailments. 

Why Choose Excelsior Physiotherapy for Acupuncture Treatment in Edmonton?

Acupuncture treatment is useful for treating several issues like chronic pain, depression, stress, headaches, and anxiety. Our acupuncture specialists in North Edmonton place sterile and fine single-use needles for reducing and conducting Qi, making it an effective treatment for clearing blockages to help the flow of energy. This natural flow of energy helps in achieving overall health by enhancing blood flow, eliminating mood swings, and eliminating stress. This healing treatment is based on authentic healing principles, which help acupuncture strengthen your immune system and restore body balance. Contact our acupuncture specialists today at Excelsior Physiotherapy to learn how it will be beneficial for your ailment.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated with Our Acupuncture Services?  

Our acupuncture therapy work on par with other treatment options as a part of your customized treatment programs or as a spate treatment method to relieve several health issues. Whether you are dealing with long-term pain or chronic pain, schedule an appointment with our dedicated team of acupuncturists to get immense relief right from the first session of acupuncture treatment in Edmonton

  1. Sports-related Injuries 

Excelsior Physiotherapy offers acupuncture services to provide you with immense relief from sprains, fractures, and muscle strains. Our acupuncture therapy in Sherwood Park focuses on promoting the healing process and lowering pain while enhancing blood circulation, offering support to organs and strengthening the body for balancing the energy flow throughout your body. 

  1. Arthritis 

The medical condition called Arthritis is associated with chronic pain, tenderness in joints, and inflammation leading to stiff and achy joints. Our acupuncture service in North Edmonton plays a pivotal role in lowering inflammation, discomfort and chronic pain, as your inflammatory responses are suppressed, muscles are relaxed, and blood flow is improved. 

  1. Depression and Anxiety 

Our acupuncture treatment in Edmonton is very effective for treating your anxiety attacks or depression, as it calms down your nerves and eliminates the symptoms of stress and anxiety. The degree of depression that people experience can be lowered at a dramatic pace, as acupuncture eliminates the stagnation of energy caused by depression. 

  1. Muscular, Back and Neck Pain 

When you are experiencing muscular pain, back and neck pain together, it can lead to an unending cycle of discomfort and tension. Our acupuncture treatment in Sherwood Park aims at releasing your body’s natural ability to heal the pain for cutting down muscle stiffness and treating the adhesions, which have an adverse effect on the connective tissues that connect your muscles and nerves.   

  1. Painful Menstrual Cycle 

Women often have to face painful menstrual cycles, which are associated with an array of discomfort ranging from excruciating migraines, dizziness, cramps, and nausea. Our acupuncture service in North Edmonton stimulates the blood circulation to your uterus to keep the muscles relax and to prevent contractions which develop as painful cramps. It also improves the release of endorphins in your brain to lower the sensation of menstrual pain. 

  1. Women’s Health 

Excelsior Physiotherapy offers dedicated acupuncture services for treating several health issues, especially enhancing women’s health. Our acupuncture therapy focuses on enhancing the pelvic health of women who are keen to conceive. As it relieves anxiety and stress, women experience optimum health overall. Women can avail of our acupuncture therapy for addressing issues like hormonal imbalances, PCOS or polycystic ovaries, irregular period cycles, endometriosis, and more. 

If you are all set to begin your journey to healing, or looking forward to restoring or balancing your health, schedule an appointment with Excelsior Physiotherapy today. 


Get Details of Your Appointment on your Fingertips 

Enjoy direct access to get complete information regarding the booking of acupuncture appointments, reschedule your acupuncture appointments, go through the notes of all acupuncture appointment sessions, and get phone notifications for reminding you about the appointment, thanks to our special online booking platform. 

Direct Billing Even for private Insurance Providers 

Our specialty is to offer direct bills for your acupuncture services to some of the reputed private insurance providers when you get our treatment plans. For all concerns and queries related to your insurance provider being compatible with our treatment service, send us an email or contact us through a call to clear your doubts with us. 

Motor Vehicle Accident/MVA Claims 

Accidents can be devastating, but our acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy services have a pivotal role in managing it’s after effects like discomfort, stiffness, pain and inflammation. We possess a team of multidisciplinary experts with many years of experience in handling hundreds of MVA cases. Allow us to tackle the hassles related to motor vehicle claims and stay focused on balancing your energy levels and health through our dedicated acupuncture services in Edmonton. 

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