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Massage Physiotherapy Service in Edmonton

Our massage physiotherapy professionals with extensive hands-on experience can help in achieving relaxation and help you achieve quick recovery after a life-changing accident.

The massage physiotherapy sessions at Excelsior Physiotherapy focus on manipulating the soft tissues to attain therapeutic goals like motivating the body to recover from the stress response, injury recovery, calming the nervous system, lowering muscle stiffness, joint pain, and repairing the response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Our therapeutic massage physiotherapy in Edmonton clinic is a safe and effective choice for all medical conditions. Massage physiotherapy is an exceptional addition to your customized treatment plan, as it works perfectly with our physiotherapy services for recovering from an injury caused by MVA or motor vehicle accidents, muscle sprains, and strains. 

Why Choose Excelsior Physiotherapy for Massage Physiotherapy Services?

The care you receive from the expert Registered Massage Physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy while relaxing in our spa-like environment will give you the best of both worlds. Our RMTs are experts and skilled to work with an array of treatment depths ranging from intense massages that work wonders on deep tissue layers to feather light massages to relax and relieve stress. Our RMTs perform massages with an array of modalities, techniques, and pressures to assure a beneficial massage session. Feel relaxed and refreshed with our effective massage sessions in dimly lit rooms with heated hydraulic tables with fleece lining while listening to soft music. 

Our Excelsior Physiotherapy Massage Physiotherapy Services are available at the following locations:

  • Excelsior Physiotherapy – Edmonton 
  • Excelsior Physiotherapy – Sherwood Park
  • Excelsior Physiotherapy – North Edmonton 

Our Specialty Massage Physio Treatments 

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we specialize in offering the following massage physio treatments in Sherwood Park

  1. Therapeutic Massage 

Excelsior Physiotherapy massage therapists follow classic massage techniques to relieve stress, drive away the tension stored in problem regions like the lower back or neck, and relax sore muscles. Our massage therapists can also fulfil your request to focus on any specific area with intense pain or tension to help you stay relaxed while improving your overall health. Book a massage physiotherapy session online at Excelsior Physiotherapy today and feel the difference!

  1. Post and Prenatal Massage 

Our team of RMTs at Excelsior Physiotherapy are certified to perform effective therapies like postnatal and prenatal massages. Our massage therapists attentively customize your treatment based on the varying needs of the body before and after your trimester. Our massages are performed with optimum care prioritizing you and your baby’s safety and health. The height adjustable hydraulic massage tables have soft and comfortable maternity pillows to help you lie face down to make you feel comfortable during massages. Contact Excelsior Physiotherapy today for an appointment with our massage physiotherapists in North Edmonton to stay healthy and feel relaxed.   

  1. Hot Stone Massage 

Your full body massage will be elevated with the placement of hot stones to help you achieve complete therapeutic relief from adhesions and muscle stiffness to enjoy deep relaxation. The hot stones put a bit of pressure on the aching joints for in-depth and lasting relaxation. However, it is not ideal for heat-sensitive clients.  Schedule an appointment for a rejuvenating hot stone massage physiotherapy in Edmonton area at Excelsior Physiotherapy.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage 

We perform deep tissue massage following various techniques to work on the fascia tissues and deep muscle layers. If you have severe pain, chronic aches and stiff muscles in the back, shoulders, and neck, a deep tissue massage can relieve it effectively. Our trained RMTs work on the deep muscle layers to break down the inflammation and pain-causing adhesions to promote circulation and range of motion. Our deep tissue massage physio treatment in Edmonton will fulfil your expectations on fascial release, deep pressure, joint work, static compression, and stretching. 

  1. Reflexology, Cupping, and Lymphatic Drainage 

Our lymphatic drainage massage aims to kindle the lymph flow to cut down overall inflammation in your body. If you have issues related to blood circulation, inflammation, and pain, book this session now. Myofascial cupping massage utilizes specially designed cups for creating a suction effect to raise and release the fascia adhesion. Reflexology massage deals with the application of gentle pressure on your hands, feet, and ears to manipulate the nerve endings and provide complete body relaxation. Give us a call today to schedule your reflexology session, lymphatic drainage massage physiotherapy or cupping massage session. 

Reap Benefits from Our Massage Physiotherapy Techniques 

Our Registered Massage Physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy are experts in incorporating various massage techniques based on the therapeutic goals you intend to meet. After making a thorough assessment initially and chalking out a customized treatment plan, our RMTs will utilize a combination of these massage techniques apart from the ones discussed above. 

  • Swedish Massage Technique: It is a gentle technique used in massage featuring kneading, tapping, vibrating, and circular motions using deep and long strokes for energizing and relaxing your aching zones. 
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage System:This massage technique applies very less pressure and focuses on lowering edema inflammation triggered by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissues around injuries, legs, ankles, feet, hands, and arms. 
  • Trigger Point Massage Technique:This massage technique concentrates on the tiny areas of tightened muscles, which react with pain when pressed gently like the deltoids present in your scalp after a serious injury.   
  • Myofascial Massage Technique: This technique is used for releasing muscle tightness and stiffness by working on your fascia. This technique is applied for massage treatments aiming to restore function after incurring an injury or extreme pain in an area with soft tissues.   


Book Your Appointment Online

We offer you direct access for booking massage physio appointments, reschedule any massage physio appointments, check the noted related to your appointments, and receive notifications on phone to remind you about the appointment through our dedicated online booking platform.

Direct Billing Even for private Insurance Providers

We provide direct bills for your services to most of the renowned private insurance providers for availing massage physiotherapy. If you have any doubts whether your insurance provider is on our list, just drop us an email or make a call to discuss with us.

Motor Vehicle Accident/MVA Claims

Accidents can be dangerous, but massage physiotherapy has a vital role to play in managing the after effects like pain and inflammation. Our team of multidisciplinary experts have extensive experience in handling several MVA cases. We save you the trouble from having to deal with the hassles involved in motor vehicle claims to ensure, you stay focused on one only thing, which is your enhancing your overall health.

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