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Work-Related Injury Treatment in Edmonton

Did you get hurt while on the job, which caused a serious injury, making you stay at home? Work-related injuries can lead to financial, mental, and physical distress, mainly when you are not sure about your recovery period. If you are missing work badly, contact Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton to schedule a meeting with our physiotherapists to get a customized rehabilitation plan to meet your requirements. 

If you were injured at the site of your work, Excelsior Physiotherapy can help. We specialize in offering a combination of acupuncture, physiotherapy, and massage therapy to help people recover from work-related injuries quickly. Our work-related injury treatment plans are mostly under workers’ compensation insurance coverage. 

How Do You Sustain a Work-Related Injury? 

A work injury refers to an illness or a serious injury that one incurs while involved in his job or profession. Most occupations demand you to work in potentially dangerous environments, such as healthcare, law and order, building construction, heavy machinery operation, and so on. Sometimes, in-office jobs might also cause these work-related injuries sitting with the same posture for a prolonged time can cause a diverse effect on your neck and spine muscles. 

If you are working in factories or offer similar establishments, you might be prone to injuries caused by repetitive motions, as your jobs might demand constant repetition of the same movements. For any kind of work-related injury, it is important to get it treated immediately to prevent it from becoming a serious medical condition with chronic pain. Contact Excelsior Physiotherapy today to benefit from our comprehensive work-related injury treatment in Edmonton.

Causes Behind Various Types of Work-related Injuries

Different types of work-related injuries occur while you are involved in the same profession and same workplace for several years. Work-related injuries can be of the following types with varied causes. 

Muscle Strain or Sprains

It is possible to develop muscle sprains or strains in any part of your body, which might affect your ligaments and tendons. You might develop sprains or strains frequently due to repetitive motions, an inactive lifestyle, or due to trauma like falling from a tall ladder. Sometimes, these work-related injuries occur due to the wrong usage of equipment or maintaining bad body posture like slouching in a chair. 

Back Injuries

Back aches and back injuries are the result of work-related activities. It occurs when performing several activities like lifting heavy machinery and equipment continuously while maintaining the wrong body mechanism, sitting or standing with the wrong body posture regularly, and prolonged periods of inactivity like a desk job. Back injuries also occur while twisting, rotating or performing an activity in the wrong way. If you are experiencing severe back pain that gives you sleepless nights, visit Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton to get a personalized work-related treatment plan to meet your pain-relieving requirements. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

This medical condition, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when your wrist’s median nerve is compressed, mostly when performing tasks that demand repetitive motions. Some of the common causes behind Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are jobs like typing fast using a keyboard or typewriter, assembly line work, etc.

Harvard Health Journal states that it is important to seek necessary work-related injury relief therapy in Edmonton as soon as possible to avoid nerve damage in the long run. We at Excelsior Physiotherapy will help you by teaching you a set of light exercises as a part of our work-related injury therapy in Edmonton for strengthening your hand muscles and wrist muscles and a few stretches to enhance your overall flexibility. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If the job nature of yours requires you to use a car or any other four-wheeler like a truck, then you are prone to MVA injury. Motor Vehicle Accident injuries occurring as a result of work-related activity can vary from a slight cut, abrasion, or bone fracture to serious whiplash injury. In these cases, it is important to schedule an appointment at Excelsior Physiotherapy to reap the benefits of our MVA injury treatment in North Edmonton. Our physiotherapists in Sherwood Park work together with our expert massage therapists and acupuncture specialists to assure quick recovery, and less pain and inflammation while enhancing a better range of motion. 


This medical condition occurs when your job demands you to perform repeated motions and excessively use specific body parts. Symptoms of tendinitis will typically include swelling, pain, and tenderness in joints. This condition will mostly affect your knees, shoulders and elbows, which can be rectified by our dedicated team of physiotherapists in Edmonton. 

Get Back to Your Job Today 
Physiotherapy is a proven method of treatment, which can help in treating work injuries of various types among people of all age groups. At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we utilize only highly advanced treatment methods for enhanced mobility, quick pain relief, and improved overall well-being. Our team of physiotherapists chalk out the right type of treatment plan that is carefully customized to meet the patient’s needs. They also educate the patients on a specific set of exercises and techniques to perform well in their job while avoiding all types of injury in future. 

The work-related injury physiotherapy treatment in Sherwood Park offered by Excelsior Physiotherapy is a natural, effective, and quick way to recovery. In most cases, our patients were able to avoid the need for harmful drugs or surgical procedures. If you incurred an injury while at work, contact Excelsior Physiotherapy today for an appointment and begin your treatment for fast-paced recovery. Our team will be associated with your worker’s compensation case team to take the road to recovery and go on with your normal life.

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