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Integrated Treatment to Live a Pain-Free Life

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we believe in following a holistic approach towards health and wellness. Our physiotherapy services in Edmonton focus on offering customized treatments in a relaxing and calming environment. Physiotherapy is the core component of our integrated services at Excelsior Physiotherapy, specifically created to help people enjoy a pain-free life. 

Excelsior Physiotherapy’s Commitment to You 

  • One-on-one interaction when working with our physiotherapist 
  • Dedicated treatment rooms for privacy 
  • Utilizing proven treatment modalities for attaining health goals faster 
  • Direct billing for treatments related to Motor Vehicle Accident injuries
  • Specialized pelvic floor treatment 

Why Choose Excelsior Physiotherapy?

Excelsior Physiotherapy is a renowned integrated wellness clinic located in the North Edmonton region. We provide customized physiotherapy services in conjunction with acupuncture, and massage therapy to deliver a holistic approach to achieve optimum health. Physiotherapy is also known as Physical Therapy which includes utilization of manual therapy for regaining the lost functions, lowering tissue pain, and muscle pain. This passive therapy aids in joint mobilization by working on the skeletal joints to improve pain, and inflammation, and enhance the range of motion. Our manual therapy will also involve stretching and manipulating the muscles along with the tissues surrounding them. 

Our dedicated team of physiotherapists in Sherwood Park are trained and experienced to perform assessment and diagnosis of any musculoskeletal conditions based on your medical history, medical conditions, and lifestyle. While some wellness centres might offer a physiotherapy session lasting for just 5 to 10 minutes, our physiotherapy sessions at Excelsior Physiotherapy last for more than 30 minutes with one-on-one interaction with your physio. 

Feel Relaxed with Our Physiotherapy Treatments

We at Excelsior Physiotherapy specialize in providing the following treatments to uplift your mood, relieve pain, de-stress and relax. 

Dry Needling 

This type of physiotherapy treatment in Sherwood Park called dry needling is also known as IMS or Intramuscular Stimulation. The term dry refers to using dry needles, which, unlike syringe needles, will not draw liquid. This technique uses acupuncture needles, which don’t have a hollow design. IMS is much different than regular acupuncture treatment, as it targets fascia and muscles in a specific part while acupuncture focuses on the meridian points all over your body. Our physiotherapists might suggest IMS for lowering acute pain and helping people regain their tissue and muscle function. 

Spinal Traction / Spinal Decompression

Our physiotherapy services in Edmonton include a unique treatment known as Spinal Decompression performed on the traction table. Our dedicated physiotherapists perform the Spinal Decompression procedure on the lower back where the lumbar spine is located or on your neck’s cervical spine. We apply a bit of force to tug your head or pelvis off your spine’s centre to help decompress your vertebrae. This method reduces the pressure from your connective tissues, nerves, and discs. The output of this treatment is a high range of motion and a low degree of pain. The Spinal Decompression treatment can be used as a separate treatment option or as a combination therapy program. Our traction table used for this treatment is also equipped with laser therapy that targets your lumbar region for easing the muscles, relaxing the tissues of the joints and repairing them while cutting down inflammation and pain.  

Shockwave Therapy

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, our dedicated team of physiotherapists utilize shockwave therapy as a part of your customized physiotherapy treatment program in North Edmonton. This therapy is also referred to as RSWT or Radial Shockwave Therapy, which utilizes acoustic pulses with a good amount of pressure for penetrating the layers of muscles, bones, and tissues. Shockwave therapy enhances your body cell’s metabolic activities and hence it promotes the healing process. The acoustic pulses help in breaking down the damaged tissues, making it a perfect choice for people dealing with new and old injuries. Whether it is stress fractures, tennis elbow, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, or tendonitis, shockwave therapy can do wonders. The standard period for shockwave therapy is up to three sessions, which might sometimes be extended based on the treatment module.  

Exercise Therapy

The physiotherapy services in North Edmonton offered by Excelsior Physiotherapy include a special component called exercise. Several studies have revealed that opting for exercise therapy will help improve blood flow, stretches the muscles, lower stiff muscles, cuts down the overall healing period after an injury, promotes body posture, and enhances core muscle stability. Our exercise therapy suggested by veteran physiotherapists is beneficial for improving cardiovascular health and promotes circulation of nutrients to your muscles and vital organs. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton might include stationary biking and a treadmill as a part of your physio treatment plan. We will begin exercise therapy at a suitable level to meet your level of injury and fitness to reach the vigorous exercise stage gradually.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy has been in practice since 1940, as it has been an effective treatment in healing tissues and muscle injury. Our physiotherapists might suggest Ultrasound Therapy to achieve excellent tissue and muscle relaxation, heat the tissues in the targeted area, and promote blood circulation and scar tissue breakdown. 

It delivers several benefits like a faster fracture healing rate and enhanced function. Studies reveal that ultrasound has a direct impact on bone tissue, which makes it an ideal choice to heal fractures quickly. The therapeutic aspect of this therapy is similar to that of ultrasound therapy, as it uses acoustic vibration. Our ultrasound treatment session at Excelsior Physiotherapy might last between 3 and 5 minutes. 

Pelvic Health

Pelvic health is yet another part of our physiotherapy treatment plan as it deals with the issues related to pelvic floor muscles and the organs connected to them. Your pelvic muscles might be very tight or weak, which might cause issues like incontinence, pain during intercourse, and prolapse of the pelvic organ. Our pelvic health treatment module focuses on treating these conditions and other pelvic conditions affecting men and women. 

Laser Therapy / Red-light Therapy 

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we utilize insured and medically approved therapeutic lasers for treating your injuries and pain related to the conditions listed below. 

  • Neurological Conditions: Laser therapy is performed using a distinct Thor handheld laser device for treating neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s, concussions, and strokes for lowering inflammation and improving the healing process of damaged tissues and cells. 
  • Muscle and Joint Pain: With the laser, we will be able to improve healing and lower pain for our patients facing chronic painful conditions like joint pain related to arthritis and fibromyalgia. Neck and back pain can be quickly relieved with this laser therapy, which is why we prescribe them for sport-related injuries. 
  • Injuries and Wounds: With the Thor handheld laser, our physiotherapist can pace up the healing process of your wounds like lacerations, burns, and bruises or even the healing process post surgeries. Laser therapy is also useful for healing skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. 

Get Quick Relief from Pain and Injury with Our Expert Physiotherapists 

A single physiotherapy session at Excelsior Physiotherapy includes much more than just a TENS machine or a hot pack. Every move of our physiotherapy services in North Edmonton revolves around following an active and effective approach to rehabilitation to help you regain the lost strength and resilience essential to lead a happy life and pursue your favourite sport. 

We aim at developing perfect solutions for every patient by following a blend of complete health assessment, hands-on physical therapy techniques, patient education, and curating specific treatment modalities based on exercises. Our exercise-based physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton stresses progressive loading, personalized and attentive patient care, and progressive loading. 

You can approach us for physio sessions for overcoming your performance plateau, get relief from chronic pain, or do injury rehabilitation. Our physio sessions at Excelsior Physiotherapy will give you an insight into our expertise to have a better understanding of the pain you are experiencing, and a detailed treatment plan to make you feel better than before. 

Our Physiotherapy Services in Edmonton are available at the following locations:

  • Excelsior Physiotherapy – Edmonton 
  • Excelsior Physiotherapy – Sherwood Park
  • Excelsior Physiotherapy – North Edmonton 

Our Physiotherapy Treatment Process 

Thorough Assessment 

For any type of pain, limitation, or discomfort you might be dealing with, our first step would be an initial thorough assessment that will help us know the root cause of the issue. We put in extra effort to hear, learn, and listen about your issues, health goals and concerns to have a healthy and painless life in future. 

Effective Pain Management 

Our physiotherapist team work together with you to help you regain the lost function and get pain relief by employing the proven combination of patient education, progressive exercises, and manual therapy techniques to manage your limitations and deep pain effectively. 

Resilience Building 

As soon as we have taken care of pain management, the next comes the most interesting part. We introduce you to a set of exercises that will play a key role in enhancing mobility and building strength to ensure that your body remains resilient enough to withstand the work stress and performance demands of sports. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1. Should I be an athlete to get physiotherapy treatment? 

The answer is no. Though we hold a special place in our hearts for the athletic community, you need not be a sportsperson to enjoy the benefits of our physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton. Whatever goals you wish to achieve, we help you to go back to doing what you love without any pain. 

Q 2. Is Physiotherapy treatment the right choice for me? 

Our physiotherapists in Edmonton are expert musculoskeletal pain and injury specialists. If you are facing immobility, low muscle strength, pain and issues related to ligaments, tendons, joints, bones, and muscles, we are here for you. As your movement specialist, Excelsior Physiotherapy can provide you with the first line of treatment coupled with professional guidance and evidence-based help for every musculoskeletal issue you might be facing. 

Q 3. What should I expect from my initial session? 

Your first session will have a detailed assessment of your background, family health history, and long-term goals for the future. This thorough assessment will help us achieve a holistic view of your limitation, discomfort, and pain to determine your treatment modality for recovery. After the assessment, we will design a customized physiotherapy treatment plan, which includes patient education, manual therapy and a dedicated program with progressive exercises. 

Q 4. Should I have a doctor’s reference to get your treatment?

No, the physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy are primary healthcare professionals. So, there is no need to get any doctor referrals to avail of our services.

Booking Information 

Online Appointment 

Get direct access for booking or rescheduling your physiotherapy appointments. You can also get phone notifications about your appointment or go through your notes on appointments through our user-friendly online booking platform. 

Direct Billing for Private Insurance Firms 

Our speciality is offering direct billing services to most of the private insurance providers across Alberta. If you are having any concerns regarding your insurance provider, just contact us by mail or call to know your options. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims 

Accidents can be life-altering. We have numerous years of experience in handling claims related to MVA or Motor Vehicle Accidents to help you stay focused on getting treatments and feel better with improved health. 

Workers Compensation Board Claims 

If you sustained an injury at the work site or an accident at work, our physiotherapists handle your WCB injuries while helping you to get back to performing well without any pain. 

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