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Are you a weekend sport indulger, or a professional athlete? It is essential to pay attention to your safety while enjoying your favourite game. The injuries that one sustains when performing a physical activity can be referred to as sports injuries. Visit Excelsior Physiotherapy to let us get you back on track and indulge in your favourite sport. Never make the mistake of waiting around a sport injury to heal on its own, as there is always the risk of developing complications and getting sidelined from your team. Getting back to play the sport you adore and are passionate about, can be quicker when you work with one of our dedicated physiotherapists in Edmonton. Schedule an initial meeting with the expert team of Excelsior Physiotherapy today to know more about the sports injury treatment in Edmonton.
What Are the Causes Behind Sports Injury?
Sports injury is a comprehensive term that encompasses all types of injury incurred when involved in some form of athletic activity. Activities such as trying heavy weights during gym workouts, running in ill-fitted footwear, rolling the ankle during your game of soccer, or aggressive swinging of the bat can be the factors leading to sports injury.
One of the major aspect of our sports injury rehabilitation program is to treat the injury at the earliest. This will help you get on your feet quickly and prevent acute complications in future. Our physiotherapist in Edmonton will decipher your sport injury treatment in North Edmonton. The duration of recovery based on the severity level of sports injury, medical history, health parameters, and whether surgical intervention will be required or not.
How Many Types of Sports Injury Are There?
When indulging in an athletic activity, you might be incurring several types of sports injury. At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we specialize in treating all forms of sports injury listed below.
 Shin Splints: Also referred as MTSS or Medial Tebial Stress Syndrome, this type of sports injury causes severe pain in your shin bones. The acute pain associated with this condition is owing to the pressure applied over the shin bones and the surrounding connective tissues. Such painful condition can be prevented by putting on shoes with the right fit, performing warm-up routine before workouts, and enhancing the strength of leg and core muscles.
Knee Injury: Knee, being one of the complex joints is prone to all kinds of sports injuries. From dull pains radiating from the knee to reach your hip, or acute pain due to repetitive motion, these injuries can make the movement of your knees extremely painful, thereby limiting your mobility. Sometimes, you might also incur severe sports injury like the ACL tear.
Sprains: This is yet another form of sports injury that occurs when the ligaments connecting the bones get stretched beyond a specific limit. Even though sprains are similar to strains, it occurs when the ligaments get stretched too much.
Strains: Strains are effect caused by pulled muscles. It develops when the tendons connecting the bones with muscles goes overboard when stretching. Strains recur when tendons get overstretched again and again.
Start playing Your Favorite Game Today
Our experienced physiotherapists in Edmonton are movement specialists who are capable of making you recover swiftly and achieve your physical goals quickly. We create a tailor-made sport injury treatment in Sherwood Park to meet your specific health needs, to help you bounce back and play your favourite game quickly.
During the initial phase of our sports injury treatment in Sherwood Park, we perform a thorough diagnostic examination and evaluate or review several diagnostic tests like ultrasound, MRI, or X-rays. Our sports injury treatment modality will be based on your lifestyle, health record, and severity of injury. Excelsior Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive sports injury treatment in Edmonton clinic, which includes manual therapy and massage sessions for improving the injured area and surrounding tissues.
Our sports injury treatment programs are focused on enhancing your range of motion, mobility, balance, stretches to cutting down tissue damage. Our strengthening and mobility enhancing exercises provide excellent support and strength to the site of injury. Our team of physiotherapists, massage specialists and acupuncturists not only aid in quick recovery from sports injury, but also prevent future injuries too.
Schedule an appointment at Excelsior Physiotherapy today and get on the road to sports injury recovery.

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