Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment

Bid Adieu to Severe Shoulder Pain

You might develop shoulder pain at any point in time when trying to reach a box on the top shelf or when trying to sleep in your favorite position. You will feel a dull or sharp pain in the shoulders due to an injury, which can also restrict your hand movement.

Several factors can contribute to sudden shoulder pain, which can cause extreme discomfort,muscle pain, or agonizing pain felt in the shoulder bone if you have arthritis. Whatever might be the underlying cause, our dedicated expert team at Excelsior Physiotherapy are experienced to create specific massage, physiotherapy, and acupuncture treatment in Sherwood Park region that assure optimum pain relief within a short period. We are also experts in offering physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton area, and have earned quite a reputation in the neighborhood for our efficient services.

Reasons Behind Your Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is built to serve a varied motion range, which is why you will experience limited motion when having a bit of pain or discomfort. The ball and socket joint of your shoulder is connected by three bones namely, the scapula or shoulder blade, the humerus or the arm bone, and the collarbone called the clavicle. These three bones are cushioned by a cartilage layer. The motion range of the shoulders is controlled by the rotator cuffs, which are connected by tissues called tendons. Various reasons behind shoulder pain are:

  • Shoulder dislocation is a major cause of shoulder pain that causes pain, inflammation, and numbness when the shoulder bone pops off from the socket.
  • Cartilage tear occurs when the cartilage is injured or damaged during a road accident,performing the same motion as a routine or a fall. It can lead to tendinopathy or tendinitis.
  • Few occupations, an accidental fall, or age factor may cause damage to your rotator cuff, which can lead to severe pain or a crackling noise when lifting heavy objects.
  • Your shoulder might freeze due to the extreme build of adhesions along the joints
    limiting your hand movement. If you have had an arm surgery that prevented you from moving your hands freely, then it can lead to acute shoulder pain. It is called frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.
  • When the bursa sac filled with fluid gets irritated and inflamed owing to constant use of the joints or a fall, it can cause excruciating pain when you are trying to lift your hands over your head.
  • When the rotator cuff is affected, it can cause pinching pain and swelling in the shoulder due to the development of the condition called impingement.

Our team of therapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy are fully aware of all these causes and can provide effective acupuncture treatment in Edmonton. We suggest non-invasive natural procedures like acupuncture, massages, and physiotherapy to help you get relief from rotator cuff injuries and heal your shoulder pain. Our massage treatment in North Edmonton aim at healing you from chronic cases of rotator cuff injury to prevent it from developing into a serious injury that might demand surgery.

According to the study by the American Physiotherapy Association held in Finland, physiotherapy treatment for those affected by non-traumatic rotator cuff tears showed
impressive results similar to the ones produced by surgical procedures like open surgical procedures and arthroscopic procedures. This indicates that physiotherapy can be considered as a primary shoulder pain treatment in North Edmonton.

How Physiotherapy Relieves Shoulder Pain?

Our experienced physiotherapists team at Excelsior Physiotherapy are well-versed in offering a combination of physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture treatments to provide relief from shoulder pain. We have handled hundreds of patients with acute shoulder pain and helped them find quick relief within a few sessions through our massage treatment in North Edmonton clinic.

Our physiotherapists are trained to offer physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton area and to identify the exact cause of the pain by following several diagnostic procedures. We have an eye for detail to make a comprehensive evaluation of your mobility of joints, joint mechanics, range of motion, coordination ability, medical history, and joint strength.

We ensure a specific combination of treatment including physiotherapy methods, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and preventive techniques is created to relieve and manage shoulder pain. Our manual therapy as a part of shoulder pain treatment in Edmonton is gentle enough to ease the pain in your shoulder joints, promote blood circulation, restore muscle strength, and activate the muscles in the shoulder joints. Our acupuncture treatment in Sherwood Park healthcare facility improve your muscle strength and prevent shoulder pain from recurring in the future. Contact Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton today for an appointment and live life the way you wanted to without any pain.

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