Pelvic Pain Relief

Pelvic Pain Relief Treatment in Edmonton

Are you experiencing unexplained pain in your pelvic region radiating to your hips, groin and lower back? If the answer is yes, remember you are not alone. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common medical condition occurring in women and men, refraining them from performing activities, which require pelvic muscles coordination. It is important to avail our pelvic pain relief treatment in Edmonton to prevent it from developing into a serious concern, which might cause immobility. 

Contrary to popular belief, both males and females suffer from issues related to pelvic floor muscles, even though females are more susceptible to this condition. Contact our pelvic floor physiotherapist in Edmonton at Excelsior Physiotherapy to lower the pain in your pelvic region while enhancing the functioning, strength and control of pelvic floor muscles. 

Why Dealing with Pelvic Floor Pain Is Challenging?

Several factors can contribute to severe pain in your pelvic region. While for some of you, it can be a minor pain, for many it can have devastating effects. Whether acute or slight pain, this medical condition can hinder your productivity and restrict you from performing simple activities every day. At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we provide customized pelvic floor rehabilitation programs featuring a variety of exercises, strategies, and techniques to alleviate your pain and symptoms.

Apart from helping you recover from pelvic floor pain, we also educate you on techniques and methods to avoid the possibility of experiencing pelvic pain in future. Contact us today to get your specific pelvic pain relief treatment in North Edmonton.

Why Choose Pelvic Pain Relief Treatment in Edmonton by Excelsior Physiotherapy?

Our pelvic pain relief treatment in Edmonton clinic specializes in providing quick relief from excruciating pain in the pelvic region. When working with our Edmonton Physiotherapist, you will be able to get complete information on the severity of the condition, and the cause behind it. We provide physiotherapy treatments, which include pelvic floor rehabilitation as well as other methods like acupuncture, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. We are specialists in offering pelvic pain relief treatment in Sherwood Park clinic for some of the common pelvic conditions listed below.

1. Postpartum Pelvic Pain 

This pain occurs only among new mothers when their pelvic floor muscles get strained and the connecting tissues get damaged while giving birth. With our special pelvic floor rehabilitation program, we ensure the pain in the pelvic region is reduced while the damaged tissues and muscles are strengthened to help new moms stay relaxed while nursing their newborns. 

2. Urinary Incontinence 

Our physiotherapists in Edmonton are experienced in identifying the actual cause triggering urinary incontinence to prevent it from recurring. Our pelvic pain relief treatment in Sherwood Park focuses on improving the bladder muscle strength to eliminate incontinence problems, rather than just curing the symptoms. 

3. Pain After an Abdominal Surgical Procedure  

If you have had an invasive procedure recently, then you might feel intense pain in your pelvic region and abdomen. Excelsior Physiotherapy offers pelvic floor rehabilitation programs to help you regain motion range, enhance strength, and scar tissue breakdown in your pelvic floor or abdomen. 

4. Constipation 

Lack of coordination in the pelvic muscles might cause discomfort and pain while passing stools, which gradually leads to constipation. With our pelvic pain relief treatment in Edmonton area, you can get relief from constipation quickly. Our experts offering pelvic floor rehabilitation programs can relax and loosen up the pelvic muscles and anal muscles to relieve pain and discomfort.  

5. Endometriosis 

Endometriosis is a medical condition that affects your pelvic area’s nerves, ligaments, muscles, and bones. Contact Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton to get rid of pelvic pain, improve the strength of pelvic muscles and cure associated issues like bloating. 

How Excelsior Physiotherapy Can Help?

Every ligament, tendon, and muscle in your pelvic floor serves a definite purpose, as they comprise the core region in your body. Our expert team of physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists work with you to relieve pain and enhance muscle flexibility to promote your body’s overall functionality.

As a part of our pelvic pain relief treatment in Edmonton region, we perform a complete initial assessment and physical exam to determine the right modality of treatment based on your body’s specific needs. We also suggest a set of massage treatments and exercises to cut down pain, lower symptoms, and achieve optimum healing. Book an appointment today to contact the expert physiotherapist of Excelsior Physiotherapy to bid goodbye to pelvic pain.

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