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Your neck is an important part of your body that supports the movement of your head and coordinates everyday activities. From turning your head to keeping the head balanced when lifting a heavy object, the neck plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. Experiencing even the slightest pain in your neck can affect your productivity and ruin your mood. Opting for our neck pain relief treatment in Edmonton customized by Excelsior Physiotherapy can help you forget the constant pain. Our Physiotherapy Specialists in Edmonton area stimulate the neck muscles to lower pain and eliminate discomfort based on the severity of your neck pain. Sometimes, people tend to overlook the consistent neck pain, which if left untreated, can radiate to your shoulders, causing inflammation and acute pain.

Based on the research conducted by the CPA or the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, around one-third of the population deals with neck pain each year. Your neck is a complex part that serves as the focal point in any movement you perform in your everyday life. Whether it is using the computer at your workplace, reading a book, or repairing equipment, it is important to have a freely moving neck without any pain. Whatever might be the underlying cause that triggered your neck pain, call us today for an appointment with our team of medical professionals. Our treatment plans at Excelsior Physiotherapy are a perfect balance of physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy to help you live a worry-free and pain-free life.

You might be relieved to know that each year, most Canadians get good relief for neck pain with the prescribed treatment of massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture therapy with only 3% going for invasive procedures like cortisone shots and surgery. Schedule an appointment to discuss your neck pain relief treatment in Edmonton offered by Excelsior Physiotherapy. Our neck pain physiotherapists in Edmonton are experts in offering much-needed care and educate the ways to perform workouts to get relief from pain.

How to Recognize Neck Pain?

Several factors can lead to the development of sudden neck pain. When you develop neck pain, you will experience mild or severe neck pain that radiates from the skull’s base part towards the shoulder blades to reach your neck. The level of pain in your neck might vary in terms of severity from a sharp throbbing pain to a dull ache that is consistent or acute stabbing pain. You might also experience one or all of the following symptoms that are listed below.

Very tight or stiff muscles from your neck to shoulders
A numbness or sharp tingling feeling on your upper body
Not able to turn your head or look at your shoulder
Constant headaches
Experiencing pain and discomfort when maintaining the same neck position for a few minutes
Feeling weakness in arms
Lack of sleep caused by severe neck pain associated with discomfort and inflammation
Pain felt at the base of the skull, which prevents you from sleeping on your side

What Causes Neck Pain?

A sudden blow to the neck or a serious injury causing damage to the bone structures and tissue of the neck can lead to severe neck pain. Some degenerative disorders might also be the culprit causing your neck pain. Some of the common medical conditions that can cause the development of neck pain are discussed below.

Serious Injuries: Specific injuries like whiplash occur due to a high-impact collision while playing sports or due to a Motor Vehicle Accident. These two factors are the major contributors to developing a serious neck injury with acute pain and discomfort. It is commonly called a strain injury, as it causes your head to whip to and fro, which damages the soft tissues of your neck. When you contact Excelsior Physiotherapy for neck pain relief treatment in North Edmonton clinic, we ensure that a perfect whiplash relief treatment is created to alleviate constant neck pain.
Chronic Illnesses: If you are suffering from any chronic medical condition like cancer, meningitis, or rheumatoid arthritis, then you are prone to constant neck pain, which requires immediate medical attention. Our acupuncture experts, massage therapists, and physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy work together to stimulate the tissues and muscles of your neck to alleviate pain.
Nerve Compression: Conditions like a herniated disc or narrowed foramen, which is the nerve ends of the spine, or compression of the spinal cord’s nerves can cause neck pain. These factors might as also trigger radiculopathy, which is radiating pain from your neck to arms and fingers.
Strain of Neck Muscles: Due to repeated motions related to your profession like typing on your computer or driving, you tend to overuse your neck muscles, which can lead to strain.
Degeneration of Joints: Like any other body joint, your neck joint’s health also deteriorates with age, leading to constant pain. If you have osteoarthritis, then the cartilage of your neck vertebrae will begin to decrease, which in turn, will cause neck pain.

How Excelsior Physiotherapy will help treat your neck pain?

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment option to alleviate discomfort and pain in the neck, then depending on painkillers. At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we offer comprehensive neck pain relief treatment in Sherwood Park area. During the initial physical evaluation, we will check the motion range of your neck and identify the limitations, if any, which restrict your neck movement. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton would perform a physical and medical diagnosis to determine your treatment plan. We will work with you to chart out the physical goals and expectations during each stage of the therapy. The primary focus of our neck pain relief therapy in Edmonton is to resolve your neck problem while alleviating the discomfort and pan for quick recovery. 

Our comprehensive neck pain relief treatment program in Edmonton will include hands-on manual therapy, which will employ specialized techniques for lowering stiffness and enhancing your neck’s range of motion. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton will chalk out and educate specific sets of home exercises for enhancing and strengthening the neck muscles and tissues. We also work with you to make modifications to your body posture for avoiding damage in the future through neck muscles rehabilitation. We also include treatment options like electrical stimulation, heat and ice therapy, or ultrasound based on the severity of your neck pain. 

Don’t Let Neck Pain Hinder the Joy of Life

Contact Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton today for an appointment with our licensed physiotherapists to get relief from your degenerative joint conditions. We are here to help you take the path of recovery by kick-starting your neck pain relief treatment program in Edmonton. Allow us to help you get back to regular life without having to compromise on enjoying the lovely moments in life due to neck pain. 

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