TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction Treatment in Edmonton

Are you experiencing severe earache, clicking noise, jaw pain, headaches, and stiff jaw muscles? These are the symptoms caused by the issue called TMJ dysfunction. The TMJ or temporomandibular joint is located just before the ear and acts as the connecting joint between your skull and jaw. It is an important part of your face, which is useful for performing everyday activities like talking, chewing food, and yawning. 

When this joint gets affected due to an injury, motor vehicle accident, or blow to the face or head, it leads to TMJ dysfunction. This joint disorder is associated with stiffness and pain in your jaw joint and the muscles around it. The temporomandibular joint is a complex body part that includes a network of muscles, tendons, and bones, which is why you experience severe pain in both or one side of your jaw. The physiotherapists in Edmonton are specialists offering TMJ dysfunction treatment in North Edmonton based on the severity of your symptoms. 

Sometimes, the pain along your jaws can be so severe making it challenging for you to eat, drink, talk, or yawn freely. Along with chewing difficulty, pain while conversing or trying to move the jaw, you might hear clicking noises while opening or closing your mouth, which is a classic symptom of TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Schedule an appointment at Excelsior Physiotherapy for a customized TMJ dysfunction treatment in Edmonton. 

What Are the Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction? 

The symptoms associated with DMJ dysfunction differ from one individual to another, which makes it imperative to seek professional help immediately. Listed below are some of the common symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. 

Painful popping or clicking noise in the jaw 
Persistent headaches
Ear pain 
Jaw getting locked 
Feeling dizzy 
Muscle spasms occurring near the jaw  
Experiencing pain in cheek or teeth when chewing or talking 
Ringing noise in the ears 
Unable to open or close the mouth freely 

Causes of TMJ Dysfunction 

Various factors lead to the development of TMJ Dysfunction. The major cause behind this condition is the TMJ disc getting displaced, putting excess pressure on the jaw structure and muscles near it. Other causes of TNJ disorder are listed below.

Grinding or clenching teeth during sleep is called bruxism
Lack of proper sleep
Motor Vehicle Accident
Maintaining poor posture, which might put a strain on the neck and facial muscles 
Lack of nutrition 
Jaw dislocation 
Chewing hard food items 
Chewing foods with one side of the mouth 
Injury or trauma

If you are having one or more of these symptoms associated with TMJ Dysfunction, seek the advice of a medical professional, who will perform a complete analysis of your medical history, and a physical examination to identify the severity of your symptoms. 

You might have to consult a dentist or an otolaryngologist to diagnose the jaw disorder and to rule out the presence of other underlying chronic conditions like swollen lymph nodes, salivary gland disease, or even trigeminal neuralgia. Upon confirming the diagnosis, you will be prescribed medications, and your doctor would suggest you take up TMJ dysfunction physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton. 

How Excelsior Physiotherapy Can Help with TMJ Dysfunction?

If you are not keen on taking painkillers or home remedies, which offer temporary, but not permanent relief, then head to Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton. We specialize in providing TMJ disorder treatment in Edmonton clinic, as our expert team of physiotherapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists possess numerous years of experience in treating patients with TMJ condition.

During the initial appointment, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your thoracic spine, shoulder girdle, and neck for determining whether those parts are leading to these symptoms. Then, our Edmonton physiotherapist would customize the perfect TMJ dysfunction treatment in the Sherwood Park region to relieve your jaw pain and other symptoms based on your specific requirements and severity. 

Why Choose TMJ dysfunction treatment plan by Excelsior Physiotherapy?

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, our team of medical professionals would make an assessment of your neck and jaw movement and determine the level of muscle imbalances to suggest the right TMJ dysfunction treatment plan. Your treatment plan might include two or more of the treatments listed below.

Acupuncture therapy 
Relaxation and posture correction exercises
Intramuscular stimulation massage therapy 
Therapeutic modalities help enhance the healing process 
Manual therapy

Our dedicated team of acupuncturists, physiotherapists, and massage experts work together to relax and relieve muscle tension to improve jaw mobility and enhance the movement of your neck and head. Our physiotherapy sessions at Excelsior Physiotherapy aim at restoring regular function and coordinating the movement of the points and muscles present near your jaw area. 

Excelsior Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive TMJ dysfunction management program, which includes soft tissue massage sessions, electrical stimulation, jaw exercises, myofascial techniques, and joint mobilization. Book an appointment today with Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton to get a tailored TMJ dysfunction treatment plan to eliminate and manage moderate to severe symptoms.

Don’t let your stiff facial muscles and jaw muscles limit you from interacting with your friends and family or eating your favourite foods. Say hello to a pain-free life with our effective TMJ dysfunction treatment in Edmonton region.



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