Knee & Hip Pain Relief

Knee & Hip Pain Relief Treatment

All That You Need to Be Aware of Knee and Hip Pain 

Do you experience severe pain in your knees that you might have also felt that your knees
might make you fall by buckling down? Do you experience a sharp sting across your hip, making it challenging to wake up every morning, walk throughout the day, and hit the bed at night? Knee and hip pain can mess with your life negatively, especially if you have to deal with both pains every day. It doesn’t matter if it is excruciating hip pain or acute knee pain, physiotherapy treatment will help in analyzing the root cause of the underlying painful condition. Knee and hip pain relief treatment in Edmonton focuses on healing your chronic pain without requiring any invasive surgeries and drugs. Book your appointment today with Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton to get relief from hip and knee pain to get a customized treatment that includes acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy.

Why Are You Experiencing Knee and Hip Pain?

Knee and hip pains can come together or individually, but it is important when your hip is affected, it affects the knee too, as they are interconnected. Your hip is designed to provide excellent support to hold your upper body’s weight and is dependent on several tissues and muscles to support mobility and balance. Your knees are stronger than your hip bone and can support six times your actual body weight while performing a squat. It is important to have well-synced knees and hip joints to provide you with enough support when performing activities like running, dancing, walking, and standing without tripping over.

The pain you experience in the knees or hips will originate from the ball and socket joint of the hip or the hinge joint of the knees. If there is an issue with the knee joint, then it might put extreme pressure on your hip bones, as they form an integral part of the kinetic chain. So, it is important to schedule an appointment with Excelsior Physiotherapy for effective knee and hip pain relief in Sherwood Park.

Reasons for Developing Knee and Hip Pain 

The physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy are well-versed and experienced to provide efficient knee and hip pain relief physiotherapy in Edmonton clinic to identify the actual cause behind the hip and knee pain you are experiencing. The following are the various reasons that cause knee and hip pain.

  • Overuse Injuries: Most often, you develop knee and hip pain due to injuries caused by overuse of joints, such as chronic muscle strain and tendinitis. Sometimes, such overuse injuries can also lead to acute injuries like joint dislocation, strains, and sprains. 
  • Pinched Nerve Condition:If you have a pinched sciatic nerve condition, then the nerve traveling from your hip to knee gets affected and induces radiating pain in the joints of your knees and hips. This condition might be the result of imbalances of the gait or stance putting immense stress and causing premature wear and tear of the knee and hip joints, causing the development of a painful condition called arthritis. 
  • Cartilage Injuries:Cartilage injuries like labral tears specifically on your hip joints, as the bursa sacs get inflamed leading to bursitis. This condition can affect the joints of your knee and causes severe pain and weakness. Weak gluteus medium muscles or flexor muscles of your hip tightens to make your hip joint rotate inwards. Such a situation can put a lot of pressure on your knee and lead to the development of patellofemoral stress syndrome and iliotibial band friction syndrome. 

Why Choose Excelsior Physiotherapy to Get Knee and Hip Pain Relief Treatment in Edmonton?

Excelsior Physiotherapy strives to deliver the perfect combination of treatment options, which include acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy to lower your hip and knee pain. Our dedicated team of acupuncture specialists and physiotherapists are experts in performing a thorough examination, and analysis to identify the type of hip and knee pain. Their examination of your motion range, gait, posture, and stance will help them understand the signs of structural damage or misalignment of joints. For most of the cases, our physiotherapy experts have offered knee and hip pain relief in Sherwood Park to rule out the need for surgical correction and toxic drugs.

They chalk out the right combination of core treatments including acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy to deliver fast pain-relieving results. We prescribe targeted exercises to relieve the painful condition of the patella and to strengthen the knee and hip joints. Our core exercises are a part of effective knee and hip pain relief physiotherapy in Edmonton for posture correction and distribution of body weight evenly on both joints. Our treatments also enhance your mobility factor and heal the damage caused to your hip and knee.

Schedule an appointment with our team of medical professionals at Excelsior Physiotherapy to enroll for an effective knee and hip pain relief treatment in Edmonton. Get access to proven methods of acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy for better pain relief in the long run.

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