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Concussion Treatment in Edmonton

A concussion is considered a mild form of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. It occurs when an individual’s head collides or hits with a sudden force on a solid surface. Concussions can develop if there is a direct blow to your head by a sudden force or impact, as a result of a fall, or motor vehicle accident. Such head trauma can trigger specific clinical symptoms like imbalance, confusion, and dizziness. Concussions should not be taken lightly, as timely treatment will help prevent complications in the long run, and avoid the symptoms from progressing further.

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, our team of specialists offer comprehensive concussion treatment in Edmonton. Our physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists realize that every concussion is unique. They ensure a personalized treatment plan is created to approach each concussion case differently. If you are seeking concussion therapy in Edmonton area, speak to our specialist team at Excelsior Physiotherapy to get back to your normal life.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a traumatic and serious life-altering brain injury, which occurs when your neck, face, or head is injured. It can result from a strong blow or direct hit to your head when playing sports, a car accident, or a fall. Rugby football players and car racers might suffer from concussions frequently.

Concussion injuries must not be taken lightly, as they can affect or disrupt your vestibular system, and brain like a whiplash injury. It might also lead to several cognitive and physical symptoms, such as lightheadedness, confusion and slow reaction time. Also, the severity of concussion symptoms might vary between mild and severe, based on the impact of the blow or head injury. While some symptoms might surface soon after the accident, other symptoms will take weeks to develop. So, it is important to seek timely concussion management treatment in North Edmonton to assess its severity and get a perfect concussion treatment plan to manage it effectively.

Is Concussion a Serious Issue?

Your brain, being a complex organ will develop severe effects in the long term even for a mild concussion with the right concussion therapy in Sherwood Park, making a complete recovery and returning to normal life possible. Neglecting professional concussion treatment may cause serious side effects like vomiting, persistent nausea, changes in vision, slurred speech, and more. When you are under the care of our expert multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, acupuncture specialists, and massage therapists, issues like post-concussion syndrome are averted.

If the therapeutic intervention for concussion is neglected, it will lead to the development of serious side effects like:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Low libido
  • Infertility and Irregular periods
  • Chronic headaches
  • Muscle spasms, and weaknesses
  • Fluctuations in body weight
  • Fatigue

Why Choose Concussion Therapy in Edmonton Offered by Excelsior Physiotherapy?

Our concussion therapy in North Edmonton clinic focuses on supporting quick recovery even after facing a highly traumatic brain injury. You will be working with our Edmonton physiotherapist, who will perform a complete evaluation to assess the severity of the trauma experienced by your brain. Our therapists follow proven approaches, methods, and strategies to bring down your discomfort, enhance brain functionality, and alleviate pain. Our physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton helps you feel better within a short time by enhancing endurance and muscle atrophy.

Our experts at Excelsior Physiotherapy chalk out a perfect combination of aerobics and muscle-training sessions to restore muscle strength. These combined activities prescribed by our physiotherapists are essential for quick recovery from post-brain injury. As a part of our concussion treatment in Sherwood Park, we provide you with a customized strength-building program to regain muscle strength and endurance.

Apart from physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy, we utilize strategies, such as eye motion training, specific stretches, and targeted massages to reduce the instances of nausea and headaches after a concussion. Our physiotherapy programs for concussions in Edmonton clinic compromise vestibular therapy to help our clients stay oriented during episodes of loss of balance, or lightheadedness. Our expert physiotherapist at Excelsior Physiotherapy will suggest special activities like practicing fixed gaze at a specific point in a distance or performing simple movements that can assure limb and core stability. These practices would not only improve your quality of life but also help you recover from the severe after-effects of concussion.

If you have a loved one who is experiencing concussion symptoms or has incurred a concussion recently, contact Excelsior Physiotherapy in Edmonton to discuss your customized concussion therapy and treatment options.

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