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A Direct Approach for Optimum Pain Relief

Facing severe pain caused by an illness, injury, or invasive surgery can be a frustrating issue. This is why we at Excelsior Physiotherapy provide you with customized manual therapy services to ease your pain. 

If you were of the idea that physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton will be an agonizing procedure that can be uncomfortable, and painful, the gentle approach of our physiotherapists will make you reverse your thoughts. Our dedicated team of physiotherapists in the Edmonton clinic utilize the latest manual therapy techniques, which focus on lowering chronic pain while enhancing your body functions simultaneously. 

An Insight into Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy offered by the physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy is an effective tool, which enhances the mobility and range of motion of your soft tissues and joints. We perform this specialized treatment program for lowering inflammation, cutting down the movement restrictions, enhancing joint mobility, and improving your motion range. The team of physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy are well trained in employing specialized manual therapy techniques under the guidance of reputed schools and expert instructors. 

Why should You Opt for Manual Therapy? 

Several physicians prescribe our Manual Therapy Services in Edmonton to help patients dealing with severe pain arising due to an injury or accident. Excelsior Physiotherapy specializes in utilizing a wide range of manual therapy techniques, some of which are listed below. 

Soft Tissue Massage 

Our physical therapy massage treatments in Sherwood Park region are slightly different than the ones you receive at the spa. They possess therapeutic properties and are aided by medical intervention. The physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy make use of massage treatments in North Edmonton as a method for manipulating your soft tissues, breaking down the damaged tissues, as well as adhesions triggered by injury or inflammation. It is performed by rhythmic stretching and using in-depth pressure, which helps us to identify the problematic joints and mobilize them to help you engage in all activities that were earlier restricted. Such techniques will be useful for enhancing blood circulation and its flow to the targeted muscles and tissues that are affected. 

Joint Mobilization

If you are facing extreme pain after getting injured, it might be due to restricted joints. Our dedicated team of physiotherapists are well-trained in mobilizing your joints that restrict movement by applying low-velocity pressure at the right points. We can assure you that our mobilization techniques are extremely safe, painless, and effective, helping in improving the mobility of restricted joints and range of motion. 

Manual traction 

When the physiotherapists in North Edmonton treat you with a manual traction procedure, we use gentle pressure on the specific area in your body. It helps in stretching the affected tissues gently while restoring your joints’ natural and normal movement. The manual traction method is mostly applied in your neck area, and sometimes, it is also applied to other body parts like the back, legs, and arms. 

Is Manual Therapy Safe?

The single-word answer to this question is Yes! An amazing aspect of our manual therapy is that Excelsior Physiotherapy offers it as a non-invasive procedure. You need not pop any unnecessary side-effects causing medications as a part of this procedure. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton utilize an array of techniques, which aid in moving the joints, ligaments, and tendons in various ways for relieving pain and improve healing. They aid in lowering scar tissue and lowering inflammation in joints.  

Our expert team of physiotherapists are well-trained healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about the specific limitations your body might have and have an understanding of its capabilities. Several patients were happy to note excellent pain relief and a better range of mobility soon after their initial session of manual therapy at our Excelsior Physiotherapy clinic!

What are you waiting for? Call us to include manual therapy as a part of your customized treatment plan today!

Our dedicated physiotherapists are experts in performing accurate diagnoses and suggesting treatment for movement disorders. Such disorders develop soon after an invasive procedure, especially when you went under the knife for total joint replacement. But, several physicians will also suggest that patients avail of physiotherapy treatments to get quick relief from severe illnesses, accidents, and injuries, which might have caused muscle weakness and dysfunction. 

We create your customized treatment plan, which might have various therapies that focus on promoting the specific function of your joints in the body. We suggest a few exercises, which will help in enhancing strength and balance, and a few exercises that would help in improving your motion range. The Manual Therapy offered by Excelsior Physiotherapy plays a vital role in all types of treatment plans, as we ensure it offers good relief from swelling, pain and other discomforts like inflammation and cuts down immobile joint risks. 

To reap the numerous benefits offered by our Manual Therapy Services in Edmonton, just schedule an appointment with the physiotherapists of Excelsior Physiotherapy today! Our customer service executive will fix an initial session with our expert physiotherapists, who will help you move around freely without any inflammation and pain.  

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