Vestibular Therapy in Edmonton

Studies indicate that the second highest common health issue reported in physiotherapists’ offices is loss of balance along with dizziness. Reports state that 76 million US people face vertigo or spells of dizziness at some point in time. Both of these common health conditions will have an impact on your equilibrium and will cause you to fall due to loss of balance. The symptoms of this health condition might differ from chronic to acute, and in some extreme cases, such symptoms are strong indicators of serious health issues. 

Experiencing vertigo or dizziness might have a negative effect on your everyday activities. These symptoms related to your vestibular system will refrain you from performing even a small task, as you might lose balance while standing or walking. You might have to depend on your family members or friends to perform your everyday activities, or have the support of railing or sideways when trying to walk alone. But, the relieving news is that at Excelsior Physiotherapy we provide very effective vestibular rehab services in Edmonton, which focus on retraining and rejuvenating your vestibular system for strengthening your balance and stability.

Understanding Vestibular Therapy

At Excelsior Physiotherapy, we offer customized vestibular therapy in North Edmonton area to people facing severe balance disorders in and around the Edmonton area. By balance disorders, we refer to an array of health conditions. However, they stay connected through the performance effect exerted over your vestibular system, which is commonly referred to as your inner ear.

Our Specialty Vestibular Therapy Services 

We at Excelsior Physiotherapy specialize in treating several common balance disorders by offering personalized vestibular therapy. Some of the common balance disorders are listed below. 

  1. BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
  2. Stroke
  3. Meniere’s disease
  4. Migraines

Why Choose Vestibular Therapy from Excelsior Physiotherapy?

Vestibular therapy is commonly known as vestibular rehabilitation. We conduct this therapy by following a distinct adapt and compensate approach. It also indicates that we will be reprogramming your vestibular system by using a blend of active as well as passive therapies. This unique approach-backed vestibular treatment in Edmonton helps in achieving fresh connectivity with your brain to regain stability and adjust your imbalance issue. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our experts to create a customized vestibular treatment in Sherwood Park. We are here to help you perform everyday activities without the fear of losing your balance when walking or standing. 

Do not allow your symptoms. Like dizziness or imbalance to hold you back from doing your favourite activities and going on with your regular life. Contact Excelsior Physiotherapy for an appointment with our dedicated physiotherapists in the Edmonton clinic. Get back on your feet quickly through our specialized vestibular therapy sessions. 

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