This procedure called arthroscopy is performed by inserting a fiber optic lens attached tiny camera through your body to help the doctor detect the issue with the ankle joint without having to make a huge incision. It is a minimally invasive technique that is useful for evaluating and treating orthopaedic issues that occur in the joints of your body like the ankle. After an arthroscopy procedure, it is imperative to begin your rehabilitation therapy program in Edmonton at Excelsior Physiotherapy to help the ankle tissues heal quickly and to improve the ankle’s weight-bearing capacity. 


The dual muscles called peroneal muscles and tendons at the ankle attach at the lower leg’s external edge. These peroneal tendons encapsulate inside a fibrous tunnel, which runs at the backside of the ankle bone. Injury or damage to the structure, which forms and supports it will cause a condition where the peroneal tendons detach from their place. Such a condition is referred to as tendon subluxation. With Excelsior Physiotherapy’s rehabilitation therapy program in North Edmonton ankle coordination and regaining ankle strength is possible without or after a surgical procedure. 


Surgery for replacing ankle joints with the help of ankle arthroplasty to place an artificial joint is very common these days. This surgical procedure is not performed as a hip joint or knee replacement procedure. But, when the need arises, this surgery will be able to lower the pain arising out of ankle arthritis condition. Latest advancements have led to designing artificial ankles and the way surgery is performed, making artificial ankle replacement an excellent alternative for ankle fusion procedures during ankle arthritis treatment. The physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy range-of-motion exercises as a part of a personalized recovery program consisting of a rehabilitation therapy program in Edmonton for recovery from ankle replacement surgery.


The invasive procedure called ankle fusion is mostly performed when the ankle joint is painful and gets worn out due to a medical issue called generative arthritis. The ankle fusion is also referred to as ankle arthrodesis. Soon after this surgical procedure, our expert physiotherapists at Excelsior Physiotherapy will help you walk with the help of an ankle brace and using special shoe modifications like a SACH foot insert or using a rocker sole to walk smoothly. With our customized rehabilitation therapy program in Sherwood Park, you will be able to walk naturally without any misalignment or change in the stride.

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